DJ Maverick


Born in Las Cruces, New Mexico Maverick began experimenting with music at a very early age using his father’s old vinyl records. Maverick would connect the turntable to his boom box in order to record his mixes on cassette tape. Soon Maverick’s friends and family would all want his latest cassette tape creations. The mixing equipment has changed over the years but Maverick’s love for music has remained the same. DJ Maverick has enjoyed enormous success based on a work ethic that embraces the most contrasting musical genres along with the perceptive instincts of a master musician. “Good music is good music regardless of genre.” “One night I might spin a college party, another night I may work a club, next may be a sweet sixteen.” Maverick's technique is in a constant state of evolution. “In concert, I'm always improvising, changing the beats, mashing records, and scratching over them.” “I want you to hear your favorite song like you have never heard it before.”


Name: DJ Maverick
Birthplace: Las Cruces, New Mexico
Current Location: Oklahoma City, OK
DJ Experience: Radio, Club, Mobile