Linkin Park, "Living Things" - Album Review


“Living Things,” Linkin Park’s fifth studio album, is stripped-down compared to the band’s previous works.  Co-produced by Rick Rubin and Mike Shinoda, “Living Things” includes more tracks that strictly adhere to a certain genre.  The album includes four tracks that clock less than three minutes and none of the tracks make it to the four-minute mark.  “Burn It Down” and “Powerless” are classic examples of why Linkin Park remains vital while other nu-metal bands have more or less fallen by the wayside.  The electronic elements of Linkin Park are definitely present in this album, but mostly used to good effect to enhance the songs.

“Living Things” is not a bad album – while it isn’t earth shattering, it is a very solid release and manages to keep getting spins on my iPod.  One thing about Linkin Park is that they have a very distinguishable sound.  The Linkin Park “sound” can work for them or against them, and this can sometimes be a thin line for bands.  Currently the Linkin Park sound is working in their favor as they are able to implement new elements, but still have a familiar vibe not to alienate loyal fans.  Linkin Park has traded turntable scratches for dub-step manifests, but still rely on Bennington’s harrowing hooks.  In the end Linkin Park does not disappoint, I am feeling a 4 out of 10.