Slaughterhouse, "Welcome To Our House" - Album Review


Eminem and the super-group Slaughterhouse have appeared to hit a home run today with the new album titled "Welcome to Our House."  In a recent SiriusXM radio interview Eminem said that "hip hop really needs this album," and I would have to agree.  Each member of Slaughterhouse exercises their lyrical clout. They are like the hip-hop Avengers.  According to Slaughterhouse, Eminem took on a lot of the mixing, mastering, and directorial duties himself as well as featuring on a few tracks.

The pressure on Slaughterhouse to create a masterpiece is high, and no one knows this more than Eminem.  Hip hop has gone far too long without the gritty lyricism that laid the groundwork for rap's explosion in the '90s. Thankfully, the Hip Hop Avengers bring it back in force.  I think Eminem strikes the correct balance of allowing Slaughterhouse to maintain the underground feel on some tracks and the inevitable tracks that beg radio spins.  The good news is that the crew doesn't dumb down their lyrical content in an attempt to go mainstream.  Be sure to purchase the Deluxe Edition, which features four tracks that, honestly, should have made the album in place of some of the radio-pandering efforts.  I am feeling a 6 out of 10.