Maroon 5, "Overexposed" - Album Review


“Overexposed” is the fourth studio album release from Maroon 5.  The album has some highlights, but it’s mainly boring and safe.  Maroon 5 seems to be stepping away from its rock foundation taking a more of a pop approach.  The songs lack edge but will attract iTunes singles buyers.  The fact that this album was written by songwriters instead of by the group has resulted in more radio friendly tracks.

The message is clear, Maroon 5 has changed.  “Overexposed” desperately tries to replicate the success of “Moves Like Jagger.”  Blame it on Levine’s popularity, rising star power or sheer talent but Maroon 5 no longer sounds like the same bad, rather they have become the Adam Levine show.  Part of the reason the band was discovered in the first place was their unique combination of a soulful front man and balance between radio-friendly riffs and funky rock grooves.  Regardless of how fans respond to the band’s creative facelift, “Overexposed” promises to mark an important point in Maroon 5’s highly-successful career. “Overexposed” comes in at 3.5 out of 10.